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what is adder and how does it work?

rangkaian adder atau penjumlah

what is adder circuit? Do you know what is adder circuit? adder circuit is a series of logical gates arranged in such a way

clock generator using 555

pengertian serta fungsi tiap pin ic 555

what is clock generator? how to make clock generator using 555 IC? . Clock generator is a digital circuit used to generate pulses or

what is LED and how does it work?

how does led work

what is LED? LED or light emitting diode is a type of diode that can emit light when given advanced current. led is usually

what is encoder and how does it work?

what is encoder

what is encoder? what is encoder and how does encoder work. Encoder is an equipment used to shorten the initially large number of inputs

simple transistor amplifier circuit

transistor amplifier circuit

simple transistor amplifier circuit Amplifier is a series of electronics used to amplify the audio so that the results of audio can be heard

what is counter and how does it work?

down counter circuit

what is counter? before we discuss about how to make a counter and what are the counter types then first admin will explain in

what is gray code and how does it work?

pengertian kode gray

what is gray code? what is gray code? Do you know what gray code? What is gray code function and why use gray code?

what is subtractor and how does it work?

rangkaian subtractor atau pengurang

what is subtractor circuit? In the previous article we have read about the Adder Circuit, this time we will discuss about the reverse of