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audio wave | definition and types

audio wave definition What is an audio wave? Audio waves or often referred to as sound waves are waves generated by every object that

running LED using 4017

how to make a simple running led circuit 4017 running led circuit. Have you seen the running led. Yes a running led consisting of

simple transformerless power supply circuit

12V DC power supply without transformer

what is transformerless power supply circuit? power supply without transformer power or commonly referred to as transformerless power supply circuit is a type of

understanding electromagnet

make an electromagnet

the understanding electromagnet Electromagnets are the process of changing magnetic objects because of the flow of electricity. Electromagnets can be met on loudspeakers, transformers,

series and parallel resistor circuits

serial resistor circuit

series and parallel resistor circuit and how to calculate its value. resistors are the most common components we encounter in electronics. Resistor serves to

conductor and insulator

konduktor dan isolator

the meaning of conductor and insulator What is the definition of a conductor and an insulator? Have you ever asked about the above? In

what is a optocoupler and how does it work?

how does optocoupler work

what is a optocoupler? Do you know what is optocoupler and how does optocoupler work? Optocoupler is actually a combination of LED and phototransistor.

kirchoff’s current and voltage laws

pengertian hukum kirchhoff, bunyi hukum kirchhoff 1

kirchoff’s current and voltage laws what is kirchhoff law? How does kirchhoff’s law sound? Kirchhoff’s law is closely related to current and voltage. Therefore