conductor and insulator

konduktor dan isolator

the meaning of conductor and insulator What is the definition of a conductor and an insulator? Have you ever asked about the above? In

hexadecimal number

pengertian bilangan heksadesimal

What is hexadecimal number? Probably among you all have ever asked about the meaning of hexadecimal numbers. What is hexadecimal number? What are the

what is a optocoupler and how does it work?

how does optocoupler work

what is a optocoupler? Do you know what is optocoupler and how does optocoupler work? Optocoupler is actually a combination of LED and phototransistor.

kirchoff’s current and voltage laws

pengertian hukum kirchhoff, bunyi hukum kirchhoff 1

kirchoff’s current and voltage laws what is kirchhoff law? How does kirchhoff’s law sound? Kirchhoff’s law is closely related to current and voltage. Therefore

what is DAC and how does DAC work?

what is dac

what is dac? Before discussing about the workings of dac and types of dac then you must know first what is the meaning of

what is ADC and how does ADC work?

what is ADC (analog to digital convertion) In previous article admin has discussed about the definition of DAC as well as its function. In

binary number

bilangan biner

what is binary number? In everyday life we ​​can not be separated from the name of the number. As explained in the previous post

high and low logic

logika 1 dan 0

what are high and low logic? what are high and low logic? Perhaps you have noticed an example digital circuit on a PC motherboard