ground definition and function

fungsi ground

what is grounding? The thing that is often overlooked in electrical installations is grounding or land systems. The grounding system can be found in

ic 555 pin configuration

ic 555 pin configuration. IC 555 or ne555 is ic which is often used for various series of timer, multivibrator, and clock generator. Before

make an electromagnet

make an electromagnet

how to make a simple electric magnet. Electrical energy is a universal energy. Electrical energy can be easily converted into other energy Example In

full wave diode rectifier

full wave diode rectifier. In the previous post the admin has explained about the workings of diodes. In this article admin will discuss about

pasif crossover and how does it works

pasif crossover

what is crossover circuit? do you know what is the meaning of crossover series? What are crossover circuit functions? And how does crossover circuit

low pass filter and high pass filter

low pass filter

what is low pass filter and high pass filter? what is the meaning of low pass filter and high pass filter? what are the

theory of electrons

theory of electrons

In this article the admin will discuss about the theory of electrons. Previously you must know what is electron? what is proton, what is

LM386 amplifier circuit

In the previous article the admin has been discussing amplifier if you have not read it please read an article what is an amplifier