what is ring counter and how does it work?

ring counter

what is ring counter? do you know what is ring counter ring register? How does ring counter work? actually a ring counter counter register

what is MCB and how does it work?

mcb (miniature circuit breaker)

what is MCB? Do you know what is a MCB? What is the function of MCB? And why it needs to be installed MCB.

make secret switches using rotary switch

the definition of multiplexer and demultiplexer

make secret switches using rotary switch. The secret switch circuit is a circuit of a particular arrangement in which the switch will be ON

TTL and CMOS logic gate types

jenis-jenis ic gerbang logika

ic types of logic gates. For practice or experiment using logic gate you can use logic gate made of switch, diode, relay and so

2 transistors blinking light

2 transistors blinking light

making 2 transistors blinking light. After you read the article about transistor then now is the time to experiment with transistor. The circuit that

simple traffic light using 555 and 4017

membuat rangkaian lampu lalu lintas

A series of simple traffic lights. To create a simple traffic light you only need 2 pieces of the main components of the IC

How to prevent heat on the transistor

2N3055 and MJ2955 transistor

transistors are active components of semiconductor materials that are often used as amplifiers. Transistors can be met in electronic circuits such as the amplifier

what is logic probe and how does it work?

what is logic probe

what is logic probe? in this article admin will share about how to make logic probe using led. But before making it you must